Item MF7403

text_tax $19.99

Item MF7399

MAXFAIR Whitening Complexion Soap[3.5oz]..
text_tax $9.99

Item MF7398

MAXFAIR Whitening Complexion Soap[1oz]..
text_tax $2.99

Item MF7392

MAXFAIR Hand & Body Lotion W/Alpha Hydroxy[12oz]..
text_tax $9.99

Item MF7393

MAXFAIR Whitening Oil Serum[1.67oz]..
text_tax $19.99

Item HA10

A.O.H.S. Sleek and Shine Mist [6oz.]Hawaiian Silky Argan Oil Sleek & Shine Mist provides a radia..
text_tax $7.99

Item E-106-A-1

Elentee Style Control Lotion [8oz] This finishing and softening lotion with multi conditioners and ..
text_tax $8.57

Item MF7404

Maxfair Acne Treatment SystemStep 1- CleanseMAXFAIRTM Acne Clarifying Cleanser Gentle formula effect..
text_tax $29.99

Item NL108

Newlife Hair Styling Pomade [3.5 oz e 103 ml]Ultra Shine & hold, Long lasting texture, Strengthe..
text_tax $6.99

Item 80034

H.S.H. LEAVE -IN-CONDITIONER [12oz.]An herbal blend rich in vitamins and hair nourishing proteins.&n..
text_tax $5.94

Item VN11

Olive Oil Moisturizer [12oz] Rejuvenates lifeless hair by maintaining daily moisture balance. Enhan..
text_tax $4.19

Item 80014

H.S.H. HAIR POLISH [8oz.] Hawaiian Silky Herbal Hair Polish provides natural looking sheen instantl..
text_tax $9.72

Item 30013

H.S. NO BASE REGULAR RELAXER [15 LB] No Base Relaxer Allows for thorough relaxing without the hassl..
text_tax $66.06

Item HA09

A.O.H.S. Sheen Spray [15oz.]Hawaiian Silky Argan Oil Hydrating Sleek Oil Sheen Spray provides instan..
text_tax $5.99

Item V-205-A-1

Concorde (Super Strength) [16oz]This fast action formula gets the coarsest hair silky straight. When..
text_tax $9.39

Item OSS7831

Ossat Smoothing Shampoo [12 oz.]Many Shampoos strip hair so clean that it dries it out, which c..
text_tax $8.95

Item OHE05

O.H.E. HAIR GROWTH BOOSTER 2OzOrganic Hair Energizer Hair Growth Booster is a metabolic hair growth ..
text_tax $6.00

Item 20020

H.S. COOL SCALP[14oz.] Cool Scalp This special sensitive scalp treatment contains menthol and camph..
text_tax $7.08

Item SOM7317

text_tax $10.99

Item OSS7841

Ossat Natural Oils Moisture Mist [6 oz.]A gently scented lightweight 2 in 1 oil moisture spray for h..
text_tax $7.95

Item VN04

Olive Oil Breeze Shampoo [14oz] Uniquely designed to aid in the transition from wearing weaves to y..
text_tax $6.29

Item NL106

Newlife Spike Gel [6.7 oz e 200ml]All day spike hold - Strengthen hair roots - Protein enrichedNewli..
text_tax $3.99

Item OB7927

Olive Babies Skin Protectant Pure Petroleum Jelly [16 oz]Olive Babies Nourishing Nursery Lotion is a..
text_tax $5.99

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