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Kelly_Hodge_Image__1I would like to thank you for the Mother's Day Gift Set. My favorite two products are the Revive Positive Conditioner and the Life and body Relaxer. The relaxer doesn't have a strong chemical smell and it straightens my hair easily, leaving it smooth and silky. I also love the way the Revive Positive Conditioner makes my hair feel. It does exactly what the bottle says--seals the cuticle and makes my hair look and feel polished and healthy. When I get compliments on my hair, I always give Vitale credit for it. I have been using the relaxer since a friend recommended it and since then, I've convinced close friends to try it. It's the only brand I trust now, so if I can't find it in the stores, I order online. I've attached a picture of my favorite way to wear my hair. Kelly Hodge - Homerville, Georgia

I cut all my hair off and I grew my hair back in a year and I got the best results from using Vitale. I had used a different product in between and did not like the look. My hair has more body and shine when I use Vital and my daughter's hair as well. I get real mad when my store is out of your product!  Angelena Kyles - Canton, Massachussetts

I received my package from the Mother's Day promotion & relaxed my hair today---so soft to the touch!! Love the Olive Oil Hair Mayonnaise!! Thanks again!!! :) Althea Earl -  Glenview, Illinois

The Vitale brand is great on my natural hair, I use the Olive Oil products and they make my hair soft and manageable. I have also used the relaxer and when I did it made my hair soft, shiny and bouncy. I will choose this brand over any other.  Kellyann Frederick Reuss - Valley Stream, New York

I really like Vitale Olive Oil products. I relaxed my hair last night using Vitale regular relaxer and wow my hair feels different and even healthier! I am very impressed! Lenise Forest of Camillion Stylism - Chicago, Illinois

Olivia_Howard1My name is Olivia Howard and I am writing you to tell you how GREAT Vitale is to me! A friend of mine is the one who introduced Vitale to me one day, she know that I am a very picky person when it come down to my hair! My grandmother always said a woman's glory is her hair and I am a firm believer of that! I tried the product and was hooked from the jump, however, it was not sold in the stores so I had to track down the guy who sold the product to my friend and begin to purchase from him. He then became unreachable for me so I was forced to search you guys online because I absolutely have to have it for my hair! I am a very satisfied person with my hair products. Vitale makes my hair soft and very manageable, the perms are also wonderful it leaves my tangle free and it last a very long time! I am so happy a friend introduced me to you that was the greatest gift she could have given me! By the way I am the lady in the photo with the blonde hair and guess what?! That is all me!!!! It is all my hair ... NO EXTENSIONS!!!!

Thanks Vitale You are great for my hair!!! Olivia Howard - Desoto, Texas

Thank you for the Mother's Day gift. I noticed a difference in my hair when I used the Vitale Olive Oil Shampoo & Conditioner. My hair was softer & more manageable and there was no shedding. Thank you again. Jonette Williams - Chicago, Illinois

I absolutely love the Vitale Olive Oil Root Therapy! It stopped my hair breakage almost instantly. It moisturizes my scalp very well and leaves my hair feeling very soft. The hair mayonnaise is also a great product. Shakira Carter - Kingston, Jamaica

I am a faithful user of the Vitale Olive Oil line which I  also use on my clients. If you have dryness or thinning edges use the 4-in-1 Growth Serum everyday. It amkes my scalp feel cool and refreshing. I'm natural so I like to stand out with my hair by using Elentee Soy Twist & Lock Gel and wear it as a comb-out or keep the twist for 2-3 weeks. It works great. It isn't sticky and keeps my natural style moisturized. Rhonda Smith Jackson - Atlanta, Georgia

Vitale is one of the best products one can get in my country Ghana's capital Accra because the packaging is very attractive, and it doesn't cause damage to my hair after using for regular maintenance. If you want beautiful hair, please use Vitale Olive Oil products. Tina Accra, Ghana

I've just started using the Vitale Olive Oil Products you recommended for almost 5 days and although my hair is severely damaged by relaxer it feels really nice and soft, my hair hasn't started growing on the side as yet but in this short period of time I am seeing improvement. This product really is the best. Keviann Johnson - Trinidad

I had the pleasure of receiving a bottle of Vitale Olive Oil Hair Mayonnaise and I am completely in love with this product. I've been on my healthy hair journey for almost 2 years now and I have been documenting my journey on Youtube. I will be doing a product review once I've finished it.  Crystal Collier - Miami, Florida


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